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The LLC, Integrated-Access STEM Sites, was officially incorporated in September, 2015. Its initial purpose is to continue hosting the STEM sites originally maintained on the Grant Network at Mainland High School. Unfortunately, as personnel in the county changed, memories of this period of Mainland's history vanished and they were no longer interested in preserving the websites.

Cathy Colwell is a sentimental old physics teacher who wants the history of a glorious time in Mainland's past to be remembered. A time in public eduation when teachers were allowed to innovate and be individuals. A time when excellence was not measured by a school grade, but by the growth in student curiousity and intellectual development. When teachers did not have to walk in lock-step with each other but could tell their own story at their own unique pace and in their own unique style. The STEM sites presented here are her legacy. Sites that could not have been created in today's educational atmosphere. It is hoped that educators visiting these sites will discover sections of curriculum that appeal to their individuality - that spur their creativity - that help them tell their own story of the subject matter.

Since the summer of 1997, Jeremy Blawn has been professionally administering computer networks in both the private sector and education, evaluating software and hardware, and programming. His expertise with Active Directory and .NET programming placed him in a pivot position of serving as both the network administrator for Mainland's grant network [which includes managing eight classrooms and the grant's servers] for the past 12 years. He is the principal applications programmer for AlgebraLAB and Learningxchange. He holds an Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Central Florida in economics and mathematics. Currently he director of technical operations at Sabre, a technology company in the travel industry.

Brittany Horn graduated from Mainland in 2002 and earned a degree in Engineering Technology from the University of Central Florida. Brittany was instrumental in researching and writing the career profiles on AlgebraLAB, as well as the companion exercises for the Algebra I and Algebra II Recipes series. Brittany is the "voice of AlgebraLAB" heard on all of the work problem lessons and glossary terms. After earning her degree, she worked as a civil engineer on large transportation projects and small municipal projects for 5 years. Brittany is currently providing permitting and invoicing services for a global engineering firm based in Chicago. Like Jeremy, she wants the sites to remain active and available for present-day educators.

Our plans are to continue adding new curriculum during this next phase of development.

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