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This legacy website for the Career Connection to Teaching with Technology Consortium (CCTT) represents the highlights of the six-year U. S. Department of Education's Technology Innovation Challenge Grant R303!970001-01. The project involved outstanding teachers from geographically diverse public and private schools in the development of educational resources and provided guidance in aligning their lessons with everchanging state and national standards. University partners, software developers, and other industry leaders collaborated in reviewing and delivering content to over 30 participating schools in a reliable, timely manner. Principal participants including the American Psychological Association, Hughes Network Systems, Adobe, J. Weston Walsh publishers and the University of Central Florida worked together to assist in raising student achievement through the use of technology in the classroom. The grant ran for 6 years from 1997 to 2003 at hubsites throughout the nation.

The website contains links to the grant's lesson-writing process, a PowerPoint tour of the National Digital Library Project, a sample workshop held in the grant's National Curriculum Institutes, some of the CCTT and CGLi Units of Practice, presentations made at three the Florida Educational Technology Conferences, and the five yearly summaries as well as final report written by Karen C. Cohen, the grant's external evaluator.

As the years since the grant's competition have passed, numerous other groups have tried to complete the same aspirations. America's multitudes of diversities have made the task a daunting challenge. Technology has become more and more integrated into many of the nation's classrooms; but not all. Personal digital devices that were never even imagined during the grant have now become ubiquitous; but perhaps not towards advancing eduational goals. Technology may have become a double-edged sword.

This 1997 Challenge Grant was the impetus for development of our collection of STEM Sites. The grant was managed by two exceptional leaders: Patricia Graham and Marshall Ransom. It was an amazing experience! It is with pride that we preserve its legacy website so that visitors can view the attempts of the past as they continue the quest for the ideal lesson and technological classroom. Be warned in advance that some of the content is no longer available as linked sites may have either been moved or taken down.

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