PhysicsLAB was started in June, 1997, at Mainland High School in Daytona Beach, Florida, with the support of the school's CCTT grant. At that time the site's creator was interested in moving 20+ years of curriculum to the web so that her students could reach content currently being studied both at school and from home. This required building the school's technology infrastructure as well as bringing internet access into Mainland and her classroom. PhysicsLAB became one of the grant's most viable curriculum development sites as Mrs. Colwell added curricular resources daily. The ability to assign and track assignments eventually lead to the grant's development of ActiveClassroom by Joseph McClanahan, CCTT's principal programmer and internet technologies specialist.

Two STEM-based websites hosted here are PhysicsLAB and AlgebraLAB were developed around the teaching of fundamental math and physics concepts used throughout high school and early college-level courses. Over the past 16 years, these websites have become a staple resource for many schools, teachers, students, and parents throughout the world.

The sites are integrated through their standards and skills. PhysicsLAB provides links to specific skills in AlgebraLAB and AlgebraLAB contains science-related content in chemistry, biology, economics, and physics. We are delighted to host this material for everyone who has supported their development and growing popularity.

Currently links to PhysicsLAB can be found on the Collegeboard's AP Physics Web Guide under Lecture Notes and Tutorials within each content area of the Topic Outline. The website is included, as Physics Lab Online, in the American Association of Physics Teachers' ComPADRE website for recommended instructional materials and in the National Science Digital Library (NSDL). The Maryland State Department of Education has included the labs in PhysicsLAB in its online instructional toolkit. Cambridge University's Department of Engineering has included resources from PhysicsLAB in their online undergraduate program.All of this in addition to the greatest affirmation that lies in the fact that countless teacher-based instructional websites throughout the nation link to PhysicsLAB to assist their school's students with its lessons, worksheets, and labs.

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